Free Taxi Service July 4th

Walter Clark Legal Group sponsors Safe Ride Home Taxi Program.

RANCHO MIRAGE —June 20, 2013 — Some adults over 21 years of age know that the legal driving blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in California is 0.08%. Some don’t, however, and even more have a less than vague understanding of how many drinks equal a 0.08% BAC in practice. That’s why this Fourth of July, Walter Clark Legal Group will pay American Cab, Desert City Cab, and Yellow Cab of the Desert for the Safe Ride Home Taxi Program again, a free taxi service that aims at keeping impaired drivers off the road during the Independence Day holiday.

The program will offer free cab rides to drivers too impaired to safely drive home - that means anyone over 0.08% BAC - on Thursday, July 4th, 2013, between 8pm and 2am of the following morning, July 5th. To receive a free cab ride home, a host or employee of the serving establishment must place the phone call to the participating cab company and specify they have someone to be picked up for the Safe Ride Home Taxi Program. The rider will only be taken to their lodging destination, be it home or hotel, and a 15-mile maximum is imposed. Because the purpose of the program is to prevent drivers who unwittingly have one too many drinks that put them over the 0.08% BAC, pre-arranged rides are prohibited. The one-way taxi fare is sponsored by Walter Clark Legal Group. Riders will be responsible for the gratuity to cab drivers.

California laws and the 0.08% BAC limit are in place to deter drunk driving and prevent the potential accidents caused because of it before they happen. Bartenders and servers are equipped, through programs like TIPS Alcohol Training Courses, with customer service strategies and an awareness of human indicators that help them responsibly prevent impaired patrons. But when those lines of defense fail to stop drivers from going over their limit while celebrating this 4th of July, the Safe Ride Home Taxi Program provides an affordable recourse that party hosts and establishment operators are encouraged to use so our community stays safe.